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Orion Infosolutions is one of the top online ludo game development company in India and USA. We develop highly grossing and engaging games for your online gaming business. We aim to create an excellent user experience for the players which maintains the player retention and increases game recommendation.

This in-turn helps our clients to generate more revenue from the games developed by us. We have a huge community of happily satisfied customersaround the world. We build games to cater to a large player base. For that, we build games for all kinds of mobile phones, tablets, Laptops and desktops. Be it a website or an application, we build high-quality games for all platforms!

We have an extremely skilled and qualified Ludo game development team to create multiplayer ludo websites and applications. Our distinctive features like rewards, competitions, loyalty program, etc. help to increase the game reach and engagement to a much higher extent.

Orion Infosolutions is an excellent game development company for global clients and have helped numerous online businesses to gain high profit margins through our online Ludo Game development services.We include virtual currency as well as the option to use real currency in the game through our In-app purchases. The placement of our advertisements and in-app purchases is extremely well. It does not interfere with an ongoing game.

To create a fortune through online gaming business, contact Orion Infosolutions, which is always ready to communicate with you and create full-fledged online Ludo Game and other grossing games from start till end!

About Game What Is Ludo Game?

Ludo is a board game which originated from the ancient Indian game named Pachisi. There can be 2-4 players in one game. Each player gets 4 tokens of the same color. The goal of the game is, the players have to roll a dice and bring all the 4 tokens to the middle of the board from the starting point. The first player to achieve this goal is the winner and the rest of the players, follow. This is tricky and skillful game. One needs to move the right token at the right time.

If one player’s token reaches up to the same place in which another player’s your token is present, then the player can kill the token to which they reached. and then your token has to go back to the base. Players have to kill and save the tokens throughout the way to the middle base!

Features Of Orion Infosolutions Ludo Game Development


Daily Bonus

We provide a daily bonus feature which motivates and keeps the players engaged in the game on a daily basis.


Play with Friends

Players are also able to enjoy the game with their knowns like friends, family and social media connections.


Prizes& Loyalty

Our gifts, prizes and loyalty features are very interesting, and exciting for the players.


Play anonymously and without registering

Players do not need to login every time they play. They can either login to play or play without logging in, as a guest.



We provide an extremely important feature required for global multi-player games. This feature is the inclusion of multiple local and global languages.Players can play the game in their native language interface.


Chat with The Players

The in-game chatting feature is a very exciting, interesting and fun feature for the players all around the world! Players can react with emojis and chat with other players while playing the game.


Anti-Fraud Security System

We focus extremely on the safe and secure environment of the game. Be it the safety of players or the game operators. The game operators work from the back office of your online game business and manage the whole game.


Online Multiplayer

2-4 players can play the game together in the online multiplayer mode accessing the game from anyplace. Play with newbies or expert strangers from all around the world.


Online/Offline Mode

We provide the feature of offline game play, where the players can play the Ludo Game without using internet. They can play it with a local team, sitting in the same room, on the same device, just like the traditional experience, but a lot more fun and easily accessible!


Random Number Generation

Using the RNG facility provided by Orion Infosolutions, players are not always asked for their private or social media information. They are provided with the option to play anonymously through random number generation automatically, which hides their identity from strangers around the globe.


In-App Purchase

We offer game upgrades, gifts, offers, game points, and many premium app features using real money. We make the purchase options very easily applicable to make the game more interesting and competitive, which encourages the players to use in-app purchases.

We Build Ludo Game For All Platforms




We build Ludo Games for MacOS as well as Windows.

Website Version

Website Version

Website Version

We create Ludo games for multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and many other popular browsers.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

We create Ludo Games for all mobile devices with iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems.

How We Design & Develop Best Ludo Game?

  1. Concept of game
  2. Designing of game
  3. Building a project prototype
  1. Art of game
  2. Programming
  3. Final editing
  4. Quality check
  1. Fixes
  2. Maintenance
  3. Updates
  4. Customer Service

Why Choose us? Orion Infosolutions For
Ludo Game Development?

1 Best Game Studio

We create the highest quality of games using our high-tech studios equipped with latest technology and equipment. We work with rich graphics and animations. Our game interface excels in all the platforms.

2 24x7 Technical Support

We provide a 24x7customer support service to help with your problems and queries through chat,voice call, and Emails.

3 Expert team

Our Ludo Game Development team is highly skilled and qualified. We have rich experience in the field and provide top-class services.

4 Cost-effective

We guarantee cost-effective services. We charge on standard market rates, and offer reasonably priced company services.

5 Excellent communication

We build games by keeping in mind focussing to fulfil all your requirements. We keep providing the best after sales services.

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