Animation Designer Company

Orion Infosolutions has established itself as animation designer company

over a period of time through animation designers having a niche over the term "OBSERVE" and convert the stuff into creative animation. Through successful projects we can say that our animation team has the "Creative Hat", who can convert any source material or thought into lively animation. Team does not hesitate to scrap tons of paper with an objective of persevere to final blink of success, be it a 2D or 3D modeling intricacies.

Let your business be delivered through animation communication with us.

Why Orion Infosolutions for
Animation Designer Services?

  • Add rich exaggeration of squash and stretch to an object in motion
  • Establish mood
  • Create focus
  • Clarify the message in animation
  • Emphasis on fluid animation style.
  • Building proper arc effect.
  • Secondary action perfectly blended with primary motions.
  • Focus on frame timings
  • Solid drawing to give you a better 3D feel.
  • Establishing appeal.
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